Summer Reading Program

July 1,3,8,10,15,17 
Assist refugee children with essential reading skills during Owl Reading Camp and enable them to succeed in school. Most of our participants will be immigrant students from Doss Elementary who need to practice their reading English with 1:1 reading buddies, but children/grandchildren from NWHills UMC are welcome to join us as well.
Volunteers needed for the following: provide lunch, provide a snack, drive the church van, be a ready buddy, lead a craft activity or game, and/or work with a small group doing word work activities targeting vocabulary building and decoding skills. Volunteers who work directly with the children need to be a Trusted Con Confianza volunteer. You do not have to commit to all the dates.

Hurricane Recovery

June 15 -22, 2019 Northwest Hills UMC went to Puerto Rico to help families that are rebuilding, families who are endeavoring to recover from the damaged caused by Hurricane Mari.


Brunch at University UMC

Help with preparing, cooking, and serving food; then cleaning kitchen and Great Hall of Family Life Center at University UMC; and visiting with our guests. The homeless and community continues to grow with the growth of our city. We see families in need with children, and men and women struggling without work. We know it’s God will and our work as disciples to love and serve this community. There is not a better feeling knowing you are doing something to make a difference.

Hurricane Recovery

June 15 -22, 2019 Northwest Hills UMC went to Puerto Rico to help families that are rebuilding, families who are endeavoring to recover from the damaged caused by Hurricane Mari.


Community First! Village


MAY 5 –  Help feed hungry hearts and worship with the congregation at Community First! Village.
Community First! Village is a neighborhood of tiny houses, RVs, and support structures offering permanent housing to the disabled and chronically homeless. Northwest Hills Missions serves dinner several times a year, and our next visit is May 5, 2019. We will carpool and leave from NWH church at 3:45 pm on May 5, 2019 and return about 7:30 pm.
We set up and tear down the worship space and provide a potluck supper. Signup in the foyer. Children and youth are welcome with an adult, it is a spiritual experience.For more information, contact Jackie

It’s All About the Soil – March 24, 2019

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Series: What Did He Say?
(Jesus’ Speeches as Reported by Matthew)
Today: It’s All About the Soil
Matthew 13:1-10, 18-23

Rev. Laura Brewster

Introduction. Today we continue our series of messages based on the five sermons Jesus preached (according
to the book of Matthew). Today is week 3 of our series, so we’ll look at Jesus’ third sermon. Jesus’third
sermon includes only parables. Parables are short stories that challenge a listener to decode a message or a
truth. Some parables are easy to decode. Other leave us confused and asking, “What did he say?” The Parable
of the Sower confused the disciples so much they asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?”

Jesus Is The Sower – An Extravagant Sower. The first thing to understand is that Jesus is the Sower in the
parable. The seeds he scatters – or sows – are his message and his love. When we realize that, we quickly see
that Jesus is an extravagant Sower. He is not cautious or careful about whom he approaches. Jesus seeks to
share his message, love, and life with everyone, whether they are likely to accept what he has to offer or not.
Jesus reaches out with careless abandon. Why? Because all are loved and treasured by God. No exceptions.

We Are the Soil. When Jesus explains the meaning of this parable to his confused disciples the focus shifts
from the extravagant Sower to the soil; we are the soil. The parable has already taught us that Jesus offers his
words and his love and his life to everyone he encounters. The same “seed” is offered to everyone. But the
“seed” does not take root in everyone. Whether the seed takes root and develops into a healthy plant depends
upon the soil. In other words, Jesus offers his message to all persons, but that message is embraced and
nurtured only by persons with receptive hearts.

What Type Of Soil Are You? / What Is The State Of Your Heart?
What type of soil are you? Do you have a heart filled with hard soil (a heart be hardened toward God)? If so,
what can you do to soften your heart? Write your answer here:

Does your heart have rocky soil (a superficial faith)? Is so, what is one spiritual practice you can take up that
will help your faith grow deeper, richer, stronger? Write your answer here:

Does your heart have weeds (a heart filled with competing affections and demands). If so, what is one “weed”
you can pull out? Write your answer here:

Or is your heart filled with good soil (a heart receptive to Jesus)? If so, your faith will grow. This faith will
not be a purely personal faith though. As you grow in faith, Jesus will ask that you help him sow seeds. That
is, Jesus will ask you to share his message of love with the people you encounter. So, you will be both seed
and the sower’s helper. Where can you sow a seed today? Write your answer here:

A closing thought, some of us have been working, praying, loving and scattering seeds in the name of Jesus.
And yet, we have not seen any results. Maybe the spouse you have invited to church has yet to accept your
offer. Maybe the neighbor or friend you have invited to a mission project or a Bible study has yet to say yes.
But the parable reminds us that our job is simply to keep sowing – to keep sharing Jesus’ love with others.
We can leave the rest up to God.


The United Methodist Committee on Relief (“UMCOR”) exists to assist United Methodists and churches to become involved globally in direct ministry to persons in need through programs of relief, rehabilitation, and service, including issues of displaced persons, hunger and poverty, disaster response. Join us Sunday March 31 as part of a global effort to make a difference.

Vision: As the humanitarian relief and development arm of The United Methodist Church, UMCOR strengthens and transforms people and communities.

Mission: Compelled by Christ to be a voice of conscience on behalf of the people called Methodist, UMCOR works globally to alleviate human suffering and advance hope and healing.
UMCOR’s work can be categorized into three major areas:

1) Humanitarian Relief / Disaster Response
2) Sustainable Development
3) Global Health (in collaboration with Global Ministries)

Central Texas Food Bank

Northwest Hills UMC goes to Central Texas Food Bank. Family friendly, but children must be over the age of  8. Closed toed shoes and shirts with sleeves required. Click the Mission Sign Up or Create a profile and sign up here:  
Tasks include: inspecting, cleaning, sorting and boxing food donations to prepare them for distribution and more. 

Contact: Rachel Bond (512) 785-5436

Living Water International & Special Christmas Eve Offering

God gave us the most magnificent present of all when he took human form and came to dwell among us.  We celebrate that great gift of love every Christmas.  In gratitude and celebration of God’s gift to us, our church will be giving away its entire Christmas Eve offering in an effort to share the love of God with others.  Our Christmas Eve offering will be given to two God-inspired charities: Living Water International and Community First! Village.  We are asking Living Water International builds water wells that provide safe drinking water for some of the most impoverished communities in the world.  In addition to providing clean drinking water, Living Water International shares a message about “living water”—the gospel of Jesus Christ—which alone satisfies the deepest thirst. To learn more about this ministry, go to