Tithes and Offerings

Ways to Give

Give via PayPal

Your donation will be made to PayPal Giving Fund, a 501(c)(3) charity, which means PayPal will cover all fees and 100% will go to the church.
You must give using the link below. Donations made directly from a PayPal account may have fees associated with the donation.

Give via text

Simply text your giving amount to 512-400-3432 and hit send. If this is your first time, you’ll receive an immediate reply prompting you to enter your credit card information.

Give by mail

Mail to 7050 Village Center Drive, Austin, TX, 78731.
Be sure to include your name so we know who it came from.

Give in-person

In order to keep our community safe, for now, we will not pass the plate during worship. Instead, you can drop your offering in an offering plate near the entrance of the sanctuary on your way in or out of worship.

Questions About Giving

Giving during Covid-19

We understand these are difficult and complicated times. While our ministries don’t look like they usually do, we are still the church and our work has not stopped. If you are able to continue to give, we are grateful for your faithful generosity. If you are not able to give during this time, we would still love to see you in worship- remotely or in person.

How much should I give?

That’s between you and God, we never tell anyone how much to give.
Biblical tithing suggests giving the first 10% of our income to God, as a discipline for spiritual growth. (Malachi 3:6-10) Some people begin with a smaller percentage while others feel God calling them to give beyond the 10% tithe.
Everyone is challenged to “take the next step” in their giving.

What if I don’t give?

Tithing is a personal and spiritual choice.
No one is ever asked how much they give and you are always welcome, regardless of your giving. Your salvation is contingent on your offering.

Where does my money go?

The Ministry & Missions Fund provides for the ministries, operation, and maintenance of our local congregation including staff salaries, worship and building costs, insurance, and ministries serving children, youth, and adults. This fund also supports mission projects that are specifically chosen by our local church leadership and include more than 20 organizations locally, nationally, and globally.

The Building Fund provides the resources for the upkeep and maintenance of our facilities.

The Endowment Fund provides for the long-term future of the church. The principal of these gifts is held in perpetuity, and the earnings are made available for church ministries as needed.

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